“Finally Friday!” 5 Months to ICD-10 – Delay, Transition or Moratorium?

FRIDAY May 15, 2015:

ICD-10 Possibilities:

Delay, Transition or Moratorium?

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Maybe we can find a way to slip these into the Congressional Dining Hall?With less than five months to go, the move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 looms for providers, and casts an ominous shadow across all reimbursement, especially for Medicare claims. As the laws and regulations stand at the moment, providers will have no choice, if they want to get paid by CMS for treating Medicare beneficiaries. Secretary Burwell insists that CMS is well ready to make this transition, very ready make it work, and at “many large payers and providers are ready and waiting for ICD-10.” Nevertheless, there is noise rising in the background, in the halls of government, calling for delays of up to two years, transition periods, and enforcement moratoriums, all aimed at protecting provider revenue, particularly the revenue of small physician practices, thus protecting access to medicare care for aging Medicare beneficiaries.

There are multiple forces at work now, jockeying for power and position, looking to favor their constituents or at least their benefactors by affecting the scheduled implementation of ICD-10 on October 1, after several delays, years in the making. Some folks seem pretty up in arms about some new bills introduced in Congress, so we thought we’d review the latest news and texts and see what we can make of it all, and hopefully give you at least some more solid footing to stand on, especially if your boss asks for your opinion.

So, we’ll be reviewing the following:

  • H.R. 2156 – only to remind you this one is about the RACs, not ICD-10,
  • H.R. 2126 – the bill that seeks to delay ICD-10 indefinitely,
  • H.R. 2247 – the newest bill seeking a transition period (see my article),
  • Recent Senate prodding to delay or transition ICD-10,
  • What you should do NOW, given all the shenanigans, and finally
  • Ways you can enhance coding/billing productivity, with or without ICD-10.

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