“Finally Friday!” 3 Problems with Getting a Physician Advisor and How to Solve Them

FRIDAY October 30, 2015:

“Rent, Recruit or Grow-Your-Own Physician Advisor?

The 3 Problems Everyone Has
With Getting a Physician Advisor
And How to Solve Them

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The role of the Physician Advisor… we’ve talked about this before on shows (and we plan to do more, too) and we’ve all seen this position become a respected and viable team member and leader for improving revenue cycle integrity, particularly as the best springboard for actually getting out in front of all the auditing and denials by payers.

Appeal Academy | Physician Advisor education

A recent search on Google revealed the true nature of “healthcare reform” and it’s end goal.

The common term for all that activity is “healthcare reform” and a recent search on Google gives one a more succinct flavor of what it really means, as the image at the right reveals.

Hence, many hospitals and hospital systems are looking to “acquire” a Physician Advisor. Trouble is, the supply is dwindling!  And, to add insult to injury so to speak, their growing value tends to grow the costs of acquiring one, too.

The question you should perhaps be asking is…

“Have you tried looking in your own backyard?”

Enter the appearance of schools like TopGun Audit School (c’mon, you saw that coming, right?) and an organization wholeheartedly recommended by Appeal Academy, the American College of Physician Advisors (ACPA) – a non-profit dedicated to promoting the role of the Physician Advisor, setup, developed for, and run by Physicians.

Elizabeth Lamkin of PACE Healthcare Consulting has been working with both the ACPA and TopGun Audit School to develop courses for Physician Advisors, and suggested we do a show to highlight how to solve the issues facing hospitals trying to fill the role of the Physician Advisor.

Appeal Academy | Physician Advisor education

Lisa Banker, MD FACP; Physician Advisor, CarolinaEast Health System; Member, ACPA Board of Directors

Appeal Academy | Physician Advisor education

Daniel Zirkman, MD; Chief of Medicine, Centrastate Medical Center; Secretary, ACPA Board of Directors

To enlighten us all with their extensive experience, we’ve invited two highly respected and active, working Physician Advisors to be on the show and allow Elizabeth to interview them: Lisa Banker, MD FACP joins us, taking time out from here duties as a full-time Physician Advisor for CarolinaEast Health System; and Dan Zirkman, MD joins us from Centrastate Medical Center in New Jersey, and is graciously giving up some of his free time recalling his athletic endeavors from younger days.

So, here’s what we’ll discuss on this week’s show:

  1. What are the key issues a PA can improve/fix in your hospital?
  2. Should you recruit, outsource or Grow-your-Own PA?
  3. What roles will your PA take on and what results can you expect and show?
  4. What resources and tools does your PA really need?
    (and where can you get them)

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