“Finally Friday!” 2014 IPPS Final Rule for Dummies

This session was recorded on Friday, September 13, 2013.

dummies IPPS coverDr. Michael Salvatore from Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Delaware shares a presentation he just did for the Hospitalists at his hospital, earlier this week. We share his PowerPoint presentation as well as his handout that he included in his newsletter to the physicians.

The Major Changes he cites:

  • 24 hour benchmark has changed
  • IP admission is now defined by time
  • Severity of illness is now totally secondary to time
  • Admissions orders must be specific
  • OBS is basically unchanged
  • Admission from OBS has changed
  • Documentation is critical

Listen to the show to hear how Dr. Salvatore is handling all this, as a very small RAC/Appeals Team.

Today’s handouts include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation – courtesy of Dr. Salvatore, clean with no logos, etc.
  • PPT slides handouts – 1 per page and 3 per page
  • How Things Change – Word Doc – Dr. Salvatore & Dr. Meyerson collaboration
  • IPPS Final Rule for Dummies book cover – just for fun, I mean why not?

Video Recording




Dr. Salvatore’s PPT (plain)

pdf icon

Appeal Academy PPT (show version)

word doc icon

How Things Change (Word Doc)

cover icon

Artist Rendition of Possible Book Cover


Previous Handouts you might find useful….


Dr. Hirsch’s Slides on Medical Necessity

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IP Certification and Order 09 05 13

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Aug 13 2013 Memo on Pacemakers

pdf icon

OIG Sept 3 2013 Report on RACs

pdf icon

IPPS Ruling Explained for Physicians

pdf icon

CMS-1599F Presentation




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