Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Day Egusquiza, Dr. Maria Johar

Turning Anguish Into Action!

What You'll Learn About...
Ernie de los Santos, Founder & Faculty Chair at Appeal Academy is your host every week.

Ernie is joined by industry veterans Day Egusquiza, of AR Systems, Inc., and Dr. Maria Johar, of ProMedica Hospital System.

Learn from Industry Veterans


  Day Egusquiza     &     Dr. Maria Johar

  • How to Create Your Own "Dream Team"

    Hospitals need a team of people to fill the 5 Key Roles to work with Payers and make an impact on the working relationship between auditors on both sides.

  • The Best Practices to Use to Improve Impact

    Process changes likely need to be made, but their value is critical! Day and Maria have real world experience compiling what works and what doesn't work in the real world.

  • A Real World Example

    Dr. Maria Johar will outline how she and Aetna worked together in a collaborative, not adversarial manner, to turn anguish into a new, powerful working relationship.


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